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          Welcome to the official website of Sowell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

          Contact information

          Home / CONTACT / Contact information

          Shenzhen headquarters
          Service hotline: 400-616-9629
          Tel: 0755-86143706 22672058 22672059
          Fax: 0755-22672060
          Mail Box: 37527825@qq.com
          Address: Room 505, Building 5, Shenzhen Integrated circuit design and application industrial park,No. 1089,Cha Guang Road,Nanshan district,Shenzhen.

          Taiyuan Branch
          Tel: 13560713310
          Mailbox: 2556763784@qq.com
          Address: Jiuyuan New Village, Baijiazhuang Street Office, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City

          Vietnam Branch
          Tel: 0915593299
          Mailbox: longnd.sh10@gmail.com
          Address: Vietnam, Beijiang Province, Xiehe County, Shengcun Town, District 2, West District.

          Call now 4006169629 OR See more contact information →

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